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Our Georgian and Victorian forebears made our small island country into a world power. We have the genes in the UK population to make our country great again.  This time however, we must concentrate our efforts on being a world centre of excellence.

We must stimulate the visionaries and leaders in our midst to build a company called UK PLC and all British people, must own it.

I would submit an idea for general consideration.

The Great British Wall.
The idea is to build a Wall a minimum of one mile wide, about twelve miles off the east coast of the UK and stretching all the way from the North of Scotland to the English channel.

Is there a need for the Wall?
Our scientists and environmentalists tell us that the east side of the UK is sinking very slowly into the sea. This combined with global warming means that our capital city,  several other major cities and about five per cent of our farm land will be lost to the sea over the next century or so if nothing is done.
Not of much interest to us you may say but our children and their children will not think kindly of us if we do not start the process of protecting their country now.
In addition to protecting the East coast from flooding, the wall must be developed to become the  powerhouse and main artery of the UK in the 21st century.

As the Wall is built, it will be used for more and more purposes that generate income for British investors. The land reclaimed by the wall will be used by a large number of industries and services that employ UK personnel and generate UK wealth.

A huge offshore airport could be built into the wall in the southern North Sea to the east of the Thames Estuary. This airport hub would be linked to the whole of the United Kingdom and northern Europe by very fast road and rail systems and by air to all other countries around the world.
Seaports, steel plants, nuclear power stations and waste processing sites could all be built on or adjacent to the wall on reclaimed land.

At least 30,000 wind turbines could be built both inside and outside the length of the wall.
At least 15,000 tidal turbines could be built outside the wall.

It is expected that there would be enough clean electricity generated from the wind and tidal turbines adjacent to the wall alone to release the whole of the UK from its reliance on fossil fuels for power generation and transportation for ever.

Electrical power would be collected and transmitted down the length of the wall and fed into the UK grid at several strategic points. The price of the electrical energy produced  by the wall power generators will be controlled by the fund holders – the British people.

Low cost electric power will help make Britain competitive in the production of high value products in world markets.

The finished wall will provide a multi-services highway the length of the United Kingdom. A bridge or tunnel link across the channel would make a trip to Europe from anywhere in the UK a short journey by a high speed transportation systems on the wall.
Fish farms could be established inside the wall to continuously re-stock the North sea.

Ports developed on the wall would become the major hubs for all trade to all northern European countries.

How do we pay for the wall?
The financial structure must be thought out very carefully in order to make sure the principles cannot be contaminated by unscrupulous individuals, companies or even the government of the day.

The current idea is to set up a unique Trust fund with shares owned by individual UK resident investors and their beneficiaries for perpetuity.

This trust fund would allow all UK citizens to purchase a maximum number of shares each year. There would be no possibility to trade or sell shares in the wall.

Shareholders would be paid a dividend after an initial period of thirty years ownership.

A guaranteed monthly return would be paid on all shares after the fixed term of thirty years. The dividend would be paid to the investor or his next of kin in perpetuity.

Older UK citizens will not benefit directly from any investment made in the Wall but their children should have a guaranteed income from the fund for life and their grand children should have the same.

What are the benefits?
The initial benefit to all shareholders will be the knowledge that they are investing in the future of Great Britain.  A future that is controlled by them as the shareholders.
In addition to  getting the country back to work with guaranteed goals for the future, the ecological and financial benefits of an ALL ELECTRIC country will lead to a vast range of new opportunities for British people to develop high tech products and services and export these around the world.

Who will build the wall?
The labour offshore could be provided from four major sources. UK citizens who want to help realise this dream, the unemployed, those people currently in prison and Aliens awaiting deportation or integration.

The Wall will generate the need for many skilled personnel and job opportunities will grow for many UK citizens both offshore and onshore. University graduates and tradesmen of all descriptions will be required to help design and build equipment that will be included in the wall.

The fund would offer all unemployed people a job on the wall. They would be paid for all hours worked and provided with basic accommodation and food.  For each full month worked on the Wall, they would earn eight days paid leave.
The trust would offer all UK prisoners a job on the wall (in segregated areas) and they would be paid for all hours worked and would be provided with basic accommodation and food.
The fund would negotiate a deal with the UK government  to house prisoners in secure units offshore.
The trust would offer all Aliens awaiting asylum or repatriation a job on the wall (some in segregated areas) and and they would be paid for all hours worked and would be provided with basic accommodation and food.
The fund would negotiate a deal with the UK government  to house aliens in secure units offshore.

How will the Wall be run?
There will be no fat cats or bureaucrats sitting on the wall. Trustees and staff will not be paid a “competitive” salary. They will be paid a fair salary. The trustees will be unique people motivated to do their best for the trust fund and the British people. As the wall is built, subsidiary companies will be set up to develop all related opportunities.

UK Business involvement
Trustees would tender all major contracts in the UK. This would benefit existing and start-up companies in the UK. The skills and equipment developed for the wall would give the companies involved the opportunity to export expertise and would help secure similar business opportunities around the world.

We have all heard about Boris Island and other similar ideas that have just a single outcome.  I would like our visionaries to set their sights a lot higher and think of the future for our children and their children. The people of the UK currently see austerity as only a small part of the way to recovery. They need a visionary plan and goals to boost morale and direction.

If we want to get the UK back to full employment, have an economy that is the envy of the world and generate pride in our people, we need to fund and build the WALL.

I am not sure what interest there will be in this idea but I look forward to comments.


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